This guide will provide you some Beautiful heart shaped houseplants

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Do you have a plant in your house that you require to identify something? Some of these plants have specific characteristics, such as color of leaves, texture, appearance as well as its shape.

These characteristics enable you to identify what the plant is? Are the leaves round-shaped, teardrop-shaped, American Alm shaped, heart-shaped or American Holly shaped?  Majority of plants have either roundish or heart-shaped leaves.

These small clues help an individual to figure out what the plant is for? and what are its specifications and characteristics?

The botanical Latin and Greek names can give you a small hint in knowing such plants. For example, plants with round-shaped leaves (Rotundifolia) or heart-shaped leaves (cordate) may aid in figuring out your plant’s identity.

If you are planning and willing to get a houseplant, you must not forget about getting a heart-shaped plant.

You should always consider this plant for your indoor beautification. Heart-shaped plants are very wonderful, attractive as well as appealing ones.

Besides all, they are often present to create a romantic atmosphere inside your houses. Therefore, in this post, we have compiled a deep study in order to select one of the most adorable and charming heart-shaped plants that you can grow inside your houses.

Money plants were first originated in the northern part of South Africa and Mexico. These trees normally touch the height around 60ft. But those decorative varieties are somewhat different from others; though smaller in height.

Besides being a charming ornamental plant, myth revolves around the plant which makes this tree more and more popular and attractive one. It is often said that the particular plant brings wealth and luck to its owner.


Following are some of the attractive plants which help your indoor to look more attractive and amazing:


Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as Devil’s Ivy, money plant or golden pothos. This fascinating plant is one of the most growing and popular indoor houseplants.

A plant that can be easily grown, maintained and above all it has been proven as an air purifier for most of the interior of the houses.


It has the ability to extract most of the toxic substances such as benzene, CO2, formaldehyde, xylene etc. present in the air.

Pachira Aquatica is one of the most grown plants which is commonly known as the money tree and pothos money plant.

Money tree often requires low maintenance.

They are always very lucrative and alluring. Caring for a money plant is not a difficult task. It simply requires a certain condition for its normal growth.


Anthurium Andraeanum has several names including painter’s Pallett, laceleaf, Flamingo flower, and tale flower.

It is amongst the most decorative plants present in different regions of the world. This adorable plant adds beauty and significance to any place.

This plant has some specialities that whenever you look towards their leaves, your heart fills with joys and happiness.

They bring a smile on your face every time you look at.

Anthurium plants have the ability to grow at all level of indirect light but keeping anthurium in low light will ultimately affect its rapid growth. The density of rapid growth is proportional to the temperature of its surroundings. These plants are not capable to tolerate

with direct sunlight however, it normally results in burning of leaves. They grow best in bright and indirect light.

Anthurium plant also requires soil to be freely drained but have some water holding capacity. If you want to grow houseplants, you must prefer anthurium to any other.

They are normally grown in half-filled soil pots inside your houses. Continually moist soil is not recommended for growing anthurium plants.

Watering your anthurium plants on a regular interval is necessary for its normal growth but make sure to avoid overwatering.

Only water your anthurium Andraeanum when the soil inside the pot is completely dry. Overwatering your anthurium plant cause its roots to die.

If you allow your anthurium plants to dry too much, it will result in the slowing down its normal growth. Once your plant is dried from the bottom of its roots, it will take hours to re-wet its root balls.

Growing such plants inside your houses don’t need any special fertilizers. These plants only need to be fertilized once in a quarter year. If you want to grow anthurium plant in a nice way, make sure to use phosphorus nitrate.

Somehow, growing such plants in your houses only require proper location and mandatory soil. You only need to water them on regular basis.

Anthurium growing in your houses and gardens will provide you with attractive, long-lasting flowers and alluring atmosphere.


Arrowhead plant is one of the most grown and popular ornamental heart-shaped plants. This plant is also known as Nephthytis, American Evergreen, syngonium and five fingers.


This is not a heart-shaped plant but there is a close similarity between leaves of heart-shaped plants and Arrowhead plants.

This plant creates an attractive, alluring, nice and charming atmosphere inside your houses. If you want to grow such houseplant in your houses, you must take the following steps for its better growth:

  • Avoid overwatering
  • Keep it in the indirect sunlight

(avoid to absorb direct sunlight)

  • Use of Nitrate Fertilizers
  • Prune your plant on a regular interval
  • Avoid Repotting your plant
  • Dust your plant

Sweetheart Hoya is an ornamental and remarkable plant. This heart-shaped plant has several names such as wax heart, lucky heart, valentine hoya, sweetheart hoya, porcelain flower, heartleaf flower etc. It is an excellent decorative indoor plant that can be presented as a gift too.


Although it seems like a succulent plant, it is not. It can’t survive without water the same as succulent. Like other hoya varieties, sweetheart hoya plant is stunning that can be maintained very easily.

No fertilizers are recommended for its normal growth in fact you can use them to decorate your living atmosphere.

It can survive with a single drop of water the same as succulent for several months.


Cyclamen persicum, commonly known as florist’s cyclamen or sowbread that can be grown in different regions of South America and some part of Peru. It is one of the charming, loving and adorable plants in terms of beautification of the interior.

It belongs to heart-shaped leaves family. It is identified by its shocking and astonishing beauty of flowers.

This plant serves as an ornamental houseplant that needs attention and care and survives in certain conditions.

It is a very lucrative and delicate plant that can add beauty and significance to the interior of the house and creates a remarkable atmosphere inside the houses.


Commonly known as philodrendron, an ornamental plant that can grow in different parts of the world. Philodrendron is an ornamental plant that can be attractive and gorgeous in appearance.

heart shaped plants


This adorable plant adds beauty and significance to any place. This fascinating plant is one of the most growing and popular indoor houseplants.

A kind of plant that can be easily grown, maintained and above all it has been proven as an air purifier for the interior of the houses.

Besides all, this plant can be easily cared and maintained. It should be kept in such a place where partial sunlight falls on it.


A kind of semi-succulent plants that can be grown in different regions of southern Africa, southern Asia and some part of Australia which was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1770. He termed this plant as a fountain of wax.


A string of heart is described as the semi-succulent plant which is commonly known as Rosary wine; with purple stem and beautiful heart-shaped leaves.

This plant is grown in the hanging pot to get a kind of gorgeous and alluring view. This attractive and wonderful houseplant adds beauty and significance to the interior of the house or any room.


Hemionitis Arifolia or Heartleaf ferns is a high humidity dependent plant normally serves as a houseplant. Heartleaf ferns are very lucrative and charming plant when is compared to other ferns.

Its scientific name is Hemionitis Arifolia, the heartleaf ferns or simple heart ferns is one of the best heart-shaped houseplants that can be grown indoor to create an incredible atmosphere.

It is an excellent, beautiful, alluring plant that will bring nature and beauty to your indoor garden. It is a unique and ideal way to grow such plants to make you’re indoor more romantic and warmer.

To grow heart leaf ferns successfully, you must keep the following points in your mind:

  • It requires slight moisten soil for its rapid growth.
  • It needs a bright and shaded spot to grow under certain conditions.
  • Skip using fertilizers.
  • Don’t be scared to shift from pot to pot.

Commonly known as piper betel which is grown and originated from different parts of South Asia and Africa.

In most part of India and Srilanka, this plant is presented on a traditional auspicious occasion.


This is the most popular and attractive indoor herb. It is commonly known as with different names such as bai cha plu, paan, wild peppers, kadok etc. Besides being served as a decorative plant for years, it also serves to be an edible plant.

It is very healthy and tasty in terms of intake as food. You can add them as a salad to your food.

Growing such plants is not a difficult task in terms of its normal growth. This mild and humid plants can be even grown in a container, the same as indoor with a slight ray of sunlight.

Betel plants belong to the pepper family which is often used in medical departments and food.

Whenever such plants are crushed, it produces smell same as black pepper. This plant is commonly known as “PAAN” which is sometimes used as a mouth refreshment. These mildly grown plants are grown in most part of South Asia such as:

  • India
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand etc.

Philodrendron Gloriosum has glossy leaves that give an attractive look to your interior. They are normally grown in the topical part of America. There are two basic types of such indoor plants as:

  • The climbing variety
  • Non-climbing variety


This plant is an absolutely attractive, remarkable and delicate houseplant. Its large-sized leaves add beauty and significance to your interior and provide a romantic atmosphere.

These are one of the most decorative plants. These plants are very delicate, exceptional and attractive. They will bring romance and pleasure to your life. Besides all, they can be maintained very easily.


I think growing such beautiful plants in your garden is a great idea in order to provide your fellows; a great and charming atmosphere.

As we have already discussed the importance of Heart-shaped plants in this particular article, then, we shouldn’t wait anymore for further details.


I think we should access to expert Horticulturist for any query.

Growing varieties of plants in your surroundings is never a difficult task because it can be easily accommodated and maintained. They simply require water on a regular interval and absorption of light.

To grow better houseplants, you should keep these following steps in your mind:

  • Choose an adequate place to grow your plant
  • Watering
  • Pruning your plant
  • Use of essential fertilizers

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