How do you start a garden for the first time in 10 steps, do you want to be building a garden as a beginner or a new gardener, then you are at a right place, in this post, you will study ten(10) basic steps to start a garden as first-timer. You are assured of being enjoyable in reading this article.

Below are the basic steps or the things you should know in planning for gardening for the first time:


1.Know what you want to grow in your garden
2. Where do you want to do the garden
3. Plan your bed
4. Buying or investing in gardening tools
5. Testing of soil in the garden
6. Preparing for your soil for planting
7. Choose the proper seeds or transplants
8. Seeds or the transplants should be done with care
9. Nurture your garden
10. Enjoy your harvest!

Now that we know the steps to consider when gardening for the first time, let explore to the fullest:

1 – Know what you want to grow in your garden

What you should know is that if you are not interested in crops then don’t develop it in your vegetable garden, it will damage your flowers. If its to be eating or not, you should a few in the garden.

Let your attention be on fruits and greens or herbs that you and your family enjoy or like the most

You can also discuss with an experienced gardener your area who is profitable in gardening for you to know what vegetable grows best in your area and which one does not grow will to know what to grow in your garden.

2 – Where do you want to do the garden

Mostly the fruits and vegetables grow well in full sun, but with a little of 5 hours of light per day, as for fruits. Greens and herbs and root vegetables are well grow and develop in partial shade. So you have to consider the parts of the country you are leaving, example are you the Southern part where gardens are good in afternoon shade, or the northern part where gardens want solar.

So think about how you are going to watering, picking and maintaining the plants, also you have avoided excessive wind area, pet and children and other wildlife.

3 – Plan your beds 

After you have to get a good place for your garden that you desire most, then you have considered what type of dimension of the beds are your backyard will you use.

You have to know that when you raise your bed its helps in lessening the difficulties in working in the garden and get dry out quickly. You can also think of planting or growing in blocks or beds of vegetables as an alternative of single rows.

With a backyard bed, you have planted in rows or in a grid pattern with the reason for reducing the walking and increasing developing space.

You can also apply fertilizer to the soil in other to help the plant grows well in your area.

 4– Buying or investing in gardening tools

When you buy or invest in good and quality gardening tools it makes working in the garden enjoyable and alternatively as an everyday duty.

Some of the basic gardening tools to invest in by buying them are as follows:

  • Garden hoe
  • Scuffle hoe
  • Dirt rake
  • Leaf rake
  • Garden Shovel or D Handle Shovel
  • Hand tools

You have to buy quality be avoiding low-cost plastic equipment that will make your work difficult for you, get the proper dimension to avoid dangering yourself,

Remember good equipment will help you to save time and energy

5 – Testing of soil in our garden


After choosing a quality and good gardening tool for your garden then its time to use this tools in your garden by first testing your soil, this is where you will build your backyard beds or planting, you have known something about your soil, that is the acidic, the alkaline or impartial PH. Does your soil contain sand, clay, silt, rocks or combination of all the four or any of the four? After you have to get to know your soil.

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