Watch chain plant care - How to grow and care for watch chain -crassula muscosa

Watch chain plant care – How to grow and care for watch chain – crassula muscosa

Watch chain plant care – How to grow and care for watch chain -crassula muscosa

watch chain succulent care,  propagation, pest control and tips

Watch Chain care, Plant in well-drained soil in full sun to light shade or indoors. planting a watch chain should be in a room that gets adequate sunlight that is near a window facing the southern part as a way of watch chain care.

The best colour maintained with a small covering on the coast.

Watch chain mostly requires deep watering as needed for a succulent, soak and dry is the best method to use and give way for the soil to get dry absolutely after watering.

Because the watch chain is not good for cold weather, it should be kept indoors when the weather condition of the temperature falls as low as 20 °C.

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Fertilizer must be used for watch chain at the time of the growing season which will help in controlling it. And the fertilizer can be applied on a weekly bases with a weak water solution as a way of the watch chain care.

More water is needed in the summer and because of that it should not be exposed to the sun fully, it only like brightness but get damage with more sunlight. When the condition is not met watch chain may get dried and become stiff, most from the stem up to the tips.

Repotting of watch chain

It is good to be repotted watch chain when it is a warm season. And make sure that the soil is dry before repotting the watch chain. When planting it in a new pot the old soil must be shaken off the roots, both damaged and dry roots must be get rid of in the process of repotting the watch chain.

How to grow and care for a watch chain

Propagating of watch chain

The best way of propagating watch chain is by stem cuttings since is invasive species. The cutting will grow very well and rapidly if the temperature of the environs is constant or stable of 68 to 70 degrees, with humidity and brightness which is very adequate.

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Pests and Disease control of watch chain care

Mealybug is the typical disease that normally attacks the watch chain and makes it vulnerable to some extent and its invasions and fungal diseases. And also when the watering is too much its will cause the roots to rot.

Tips For Growing watch chain Plants Crassula

The watch chain Crassula (Crassulalycopodioides syn. Crassulamuscosa), also called the zipper plant, is attractive and weird. Given the watch chain moniker for its close resemblance to jeweller’s chain links of previous eras, they were once wont to hold pocket watches and secure them to the pocket.

Tiny leaves of the watch chain succulent wrap tightly around the stem to make a square, upright mass. the way to Grow a fob Succulent Growing fob is analogous to growing most succulent Crassulaplants.
Ease them into full morning sun when outdoor temperatures are a minimum of 45 to 50 degrees F. (7-10 C.) at the coldest a part of the morning.

Some morning sun, even within the hottest a part of summer, doesn’t seem to wreck this plant but is best combined with some sort of shade. In hardiness zones, 9a to 10b, grow watch chain plants outside as groundcover, where they’ll also become small shrubs.

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Reaching up to 12 inches (30 cm.), these make a beautiful background for other low-growing succulents, as a part of a brief border, or draping through a rockery. Those in lower zones can grow watch chain in containers. The thin, upright form adds interest to the planet of growing succulents, which may sometimes be overtaken by rosette-shaped plants.
The intricate sort of watch chain succulent may be a welcome addition in container arrangements because of the thriller, the tall attention grabber.

The plant may cascade if allowed to become top-heavy, which is additionally attractive during a display. If you’ve got a rooted specimen, simply plant in fast-draining soil during a container with drainage holes or within the ground.
Small, broken pieces easily take hold in the soil to make roots.

Established plants sometimes produce yellow flowers. This plant grows within the morning sun mentioned above or in dappled sun, or maybe a partly shady morning spot.
Avoid long hours of the afternoon sun. Even in cooler, coastal spots, the watch chain plant likes shady afternoons. Limit watering until the soil is totally dry, then water thoroughly. Plant watch chain Crassula within the right spot and it’ll grow and thrive for years to return.

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