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Mexican oregano is a scrumptious leafy herb that is often used in Mexican cuisine. More flavorful than its European cousin, it can be grown as an annual and effortlessly harvested and saved for yr-round use.

We’ve additionally considered this plant referred to as scented lippies, oregano cimarrón, Sonoran oregano, hierba dulce, redbrush lipped, scented mat grass, and Puerto Rican oregano.

Mexican bush oregano (Poliomintha longiflora) is a flowering perennial native to Mexico that grows very nicely in Texas and different hot, dry components of the United States. Although it’s no longer associated with your common backyard oregano plant, it produces attractive, aromatic crimson flora and can live to tell the tale in harsh and diverse conditions, making it a wonderful preference for components of the backyard the place nothing else looks to be capable to survive. Keep analyzing to analyze extra about how to develop Mexican oregano and Mexican oregano plant care.

There are two different flora frequently referred to as “Mexican oregano,” Poliomintha longiflora and Monarda fistulosa var. centifolia, neither of which are associated with L. graveolens. The plant’s nectar is eye-catching to bees and butterflies if allowed to flower, and birds revel in its seeds.

Mexican oregano (Lippia graveolens), used in Tex-Mex and Central American cuisines, tastes like European oreganos however is no longer associated to them. It is a member of the verbena family. Mexican oregano is a massive shrub or small multi-stem tree that is native to the southwestern US and Central America. It has small leaves and is blanketed with star-like white blossoms yr round. Most gardeners preserve it pruned to 4- to 5-feet tall however it can develop up to eight ft in height.

Mexican oregano wishes full solar and well-drained soil. Not surprisingly, it is drought tolerant. It is hardy in zones 10 and eleven In region 9, it might also or may additionally now not live on the wintry weather relying on the temperature and quantity of rain. Too plenty of bloodless and moist will kill it. In northern zones, the flora is grown in containers and introduced indoors in the iciness or grown indoors 12 months-round.

Plants have to be divided each and every two to three years to stay healthy. Division can be finished in the early spring earlier than the vegetation commences actively growing. Plant the divisions at least 12 inches apart. If developing Mexican oregano in a container, repot into a large container, at least two inches wider, each two to three years or divide and replant the divisions into separate containers.

Propagation is most profitable the usage of cuttings of developing recommendations of the branches taken in the late summer. Once the cuttings have taken root, pinch again the ensuing plant life to inspire branching.

Leaves can be harvested 12 months spherical as wanted for cooking. Rather than harvesting person leaves, reduce off branches as if pruning the plant. The leaves can be used to prepare dinner with whilst the stripped branches can be used as skewers or thrown into the barbecue to add taste to your food.


It’s effortless to get began developing Mexican oregano – and you have lots of propagation choices. Mexican oregano can be planted exterior in the spring as soon as all hazard of frost has passed.

It can be grown from seed, cuttings, or crown divisions. Growing Mexican oregano is very easy.

The flowers decide on full solar and want loads of house as they have a tendency to unfold out.
The leaves develop rather carefully on the stems, so more than one flowers are proper thinking if you’re searching to use your vegetation regularly for cooking. They want reasonable watering.

Mexican bush oregano (sometimes referred to as rosemary mint) can’t be grown everywhere. In fact, Mexican oregano hardiness falls between USDA zones 7b and eleven In zones 7b via 8a, however, it’s solely root hardy. This potential that all the pinnacle increase will die lower back in the winter, with the roots surviving to put up new increase every spring.

The roots aren’t usually assured to make it, particularly if the wintry weather is a bloodless one. In zones, 8b via 9a, some of the pinnacle increase is probable to die returned in the winter, with the older woody increase surviving and placing out new shoots in the spring. In zones 9b thru 11, Mexican oregano plant life are at their best, surviving all 12 months spherical as evergreen shrubs


Incorporate some compost into the developing website online earlier than planting
Give these flowers lots of areas as they can develop pretty large
Be cautious now not to overwater, as Mexican oregano doesn’t like moist feet


While this plant is now not typically plagued via any most important pest or sickness problems, there are a few to maintain an eye out for:

Treat aphids, leaf miners, or spider mites with insecticidal cleaning soap or neem oil. See our information to analyze extra about how to manage aphids.

You would possibly additionally see whiteflies, which can be managed with insecticidal cleaning soap or sticky traps.

Insecticidal cleaning soap is additionally correct for war mealybugs, which would possibly pester your L. graveolens vegetation as well.

Mexican oregano plant care is very easy. Mexican oregano flowers are rather drought-tolerant. They will develop in a large range of soils however decide upon it to be extraordinarily properly drained and barely alkaline. They don’t definitely go through from pests and without a doubt deter deer, making them a very appropriate preference for areas plagued by deer problems.

All the way from spring to fall, the vegetation produces aromatic pink tubular flowers. Removing diminished flora encourages new ones to bloom.
In areas the place the vegetation doesn’t go through from dieback in the winter, you may additionally choose to prune their lower back gently in the spring to hold them hairy and compact.

L. graveolens is prone to root rot if prerequisites are too wet. To decide if a plant struggling from root rot is salvageable, you’ll have to pull it up and determine the damage.

If the complete root device is a soggy, rotten mess, you’re in most cases probable out of success and you’ll have to toss the plant.

If, on the different hand, you see some healthful roots, trim away the awful stuff and replant in a region with higher drainage.

Prevent root rot by using making sure the planting location drains properly and taking care now not to over-irrigate.


When your plant has reached at least two ft tall, commence harvesting L. graveolens as you desire for flavoring dishes. Simply pluck the leaves as required. Or you can reduce a stem and strip the leaves from it.

If you’re in a vicinity that freezes, pull up the bush simply earlier than the first frost, separate the branches, and dangle them upside down in a cool, darkish area to dry. Make positive there’s lots of air circulation.

Alternatively, man or woman leaves or stems with leaves can be laid in the solar or positioned on trays in your meals dehydrator to dry.

When the leaves crumble, they are dry sufficient to keep in zippered bags. You can eliminate the leaves or keep complete stems. Store the baggage in a cool, dry place.

Mexican Oregano Uses


Mexican oregano is grown for its flavorful leaves. The leaves can be snipped off the plant as wished at some stage in the developing season, even though they style exceptional simply as the flower buds are starting to form. Just earlier than the first frost of autumn, the complete plant can, however, reduce down and hung in an ethereal region to dry. Once dry, the leaves can be eliminated and saved completely or crumbled.


What is exclusive about Mexican oregano?
Mexican Oregano is from an extraordinary plant, indigenous to Mexico, and continues a greater woodsy, earthy taste than Mediterranean Oregano. Mediterranean Oregano, Origanum vulgare, is the section of the mint family. Mexican Oregano, Lippia graveolens, is greater carefully associated with the vervain household than to mint.

Is Mexican oregano edible?
Mexican Oregano Uses and Harvest
Mexican oregano is grown for its flavorful leaves. The leaves can be snipped off the plant as wished in the course of the developing season, although they style satisfactory simply as the flower buds are establishing to form. … Once dry, the leaves can be eliminated and stored

Is Cuban oregano identical to Mexican oregano?
Mexican Oregano, native to Mexico, rather than belonging to the Mint Family, used to be a Lippia, in the Verbena Family. The existing Cuban Oregano is a member of the Mint Family-like “real Oregano,” however belongs to a totally special genus. It’s PLECTRANTHUS AMBOINICUS, firstly from southern and jap Africa.

Is Mexican oregano a perennial?
Mexican Oregano – A Dependable Perennial. A member of the Lamiaceae or mint family, Mexican oregano has grown in my Zone 8b backyard for about 20 years. During that time, it has verified itself to be a long-lived, excessive performing perennial.

What is Mexican oregano proper for?
Mexican cooks are counted on the robust taste of Mexican oregano for a huge range of common dishes. We use it in sparkling or cooked salsa, meat combinations for burritos and tacos, enchilada sauce, and traditional braised pork. Cuban delicacies make scrumptious use of this peppery herb

Is there any other identity for Mexican oregano?
Mexican oregano: Mexican oregano is a relative of lemon verbena. Native to Mexico, it additionally grows in Central and South America and is from time to time referred to as Puerto Rican oregano.

How do you harvest Mexican oregano?
Mexican oregano is grown for its flavorful leaves. The leaves can be snipped off the plant as wished during the developing season, even though they style excellent simply as the flower buds are commencing to form. Just earlier than the first frost of autumn, the complete plant can, however, reduce down and hung in an ethereal area to dry.

Is Mexican oregano equal to epazote?
Like each epazote and cilantro, Mexican oregano gives citrus notes alongside its foremost flavor. That predominant taste is pretty extraordinary from the taste of epazote, however, is nevertheless a superb savory seasoning that needs to work in most dishes that require epazote. … Use clean Mexican oregano as a 1:1 replacement for sparkling epazote.

Which oregano is best?
Origanum vulgare: This is the species most in many instances recognized as oregano. Its best-known range is Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare var. hirtum). Sometimes regarded as genuine oregano or Italian oregano, this is the acquainted herb used on pizzas and in tomato sauces

Can oregano kill viruses?
May Help Reduce Viral Infection
In addition to combat off bacteria, some test-tube research has located that oregano and its aspects can also additionally guard in opposition to some viruses. In particular, carvacrol and thymol are two compounds in oregano that have been related to antiviral properties.

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